The companies are a development, project management, construction and real estate group anchored in Nelspruit and focused on residential and commercial property development, construction, sales and rental in the Lowveld. 

The managing director, a professional civil and structural engineer, is a co-owner of the development company WH & Sons Property Development.  All project management and civil engineering is done by the group’s Civicon Consulting Engineers.  All new projects are therefore developed, engineered, managed, sold and usually even built in-house.

WH & Sons have been awarded the Certificate for Highly Commended Home Builder of the Year Mpumalanga 2006 for houses valued between R0.5m and R1.5m and were voted best developer in 2007 and 2008 by readers of the local Lowvelder newspaper.

WH & Sons Real Estate is managed under the directorship of a registered real estate agent. WH & Sons Real Estate focusses mainly on the selling and renting out of residential property. 

About Us
Riverside Gardens (sales value of R45m – joint venture development, but with own construction)
52 full title cluster homes

Hillside Manor (sales value of R70m – own development and construction)
114 sectional title units complete with infrastructure.

Shandon Estate Phase 1 to 3 (sales value of R75m – own development)
A benchmark eco development in Nelspruit consisting of 170 stands on a 700 Ha future nature reserve.

Joneses Place (sales value of R17m – own development and construction)
60 bachelor flats

Garden Pavilion (expected sales value of R85m – joint venture development, but with own construction)
Construction of the 81 full title cluster homes commenced in April 2006

Village Apartments (tender value of R12.5m – construction only)
Construction of the 7-storey apartment building commenced in April 2006.

Tangelo Ridge (sales value of R80m – own development and construction)
106 full title cluster homes commenced in October 2006.

Clementine Close (sales value of R80m – joint venture development, but with own construction)
130 full title cluster homes commenced in January 2007


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